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Film Review: The Gunman | Cinematically Enigmatic

CE: From Jeff Spicoli to Harvey Milk, Sean Penn's acting career has seen him tackle everything from comedy to drama. Now 54, Penn is taking a page straight out of Liam Neeson's career playbook and turning his attention towards the action-thriller genre. In The Gunman, he teams up with Taken director Pierre Morel for an all-too-familiar kind of story — one about a former killer-for-hire who's pulled back into the fray for one last shot at redemption. But even though the film boasts some solid action sequences and an Oscar-caliber cast (including Javier Bardem, Mark Rylance, Ray Winstone and Idris Elba), it fails to resonate as anything more than just another mediocre Taken clone. At a basic level, it's serviceable. Just don't expect Penn to be stealing roles away from Liam Neeson anytime soon.

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