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Jonathan Nolan's Ending To Interstellar Made A Lot More Sense

Nerdist: Speaking to a theater full of curious physicists, engineers, and students, Jonathan Nolan quietly let slip that his original ending to Interstellar was “much more straightforward.”

Yesterday in Pasadena, California, as a part of a media event surrounding the impending Blu-ray release of the sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar, co-writer Jonathan Nolan and science adviser/producer Kip Thorne addressed a packed theater at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). After going though much of the science of the film, the floor was opened to questions. One of the first was probably the one on everyone’s mind: What actually happened at the end of Interstellar?

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aDDicteD2247d ago

i am contented with the ending of interstellar, it would have been a lot sadder if he did not make it back.