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Thor Was the Key to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Working


Kenneth Branagh on why Thor was crucial to the Marvel Cinematic Universe working and why Loki is so beloved.

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aDDicteD2245d ago

thor is the most tricky film to do in phase 1 but surprisingly it did well not only financially but was also well received by the fans and the target market got even wider as it was introduced to the mainstream audience.

ironman and captain america is more realistic take and hulk was in a 50/50 state because not all the fans support the first film so at that point everything was ultimately depending if thor can pull off by being on the positive side by being a good film and it did.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32244d ago

It was one of the few MCU movies that actually featured an interesting antagonist, other than that I thought it was really mediocre.

Kenneth Branagh has really become a joke of a director after this and the atrocity that was Shadow Recruit. This coming from a guy who filmed one of the best Shakespeare adaptations and a damn fine take on the Noir genre with Dead Again.