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A Glimpse Of The Red Suit And Avengers Tower In Teaser Video For Netflix's Daredevil


It's billed as yet another motion poster, but this 35 second video is more of a teaser trailer for Daredevil as we see Matt Murdock and the denizens of Hell's Kitchen step onto the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Keep an eye out for a Avengers Tower and what looks like the red suit...

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Crazay2809d ago

I'm actually getting really quite excited for this show.

-Foxtrot2809d ago

Would of been cooler if they had him in the Yellow and Brown-Red suit then in the last few episodes have him get the red suit.

Porcelain_Chicken2809d ago

Would seem so impractical and counter intuitive lol. I know he's blind but he shouldn't be so obvious about it! Do-rag over the eyes is goofy but not too goofy. Perfect balance.

dota2champion2808d ago

I don't see a red suit from the street reflection, all I see is his ninja suit. maybe I need a better imagination

Porcelain_Chicken2808d ago

Kinda hard to see the colors but you can definitley see the horns on the head. Pretty cool!