Check Out the New Trailer for Wayward Pines


FOX has released a new trailer for the event series “Wayward Pines,” starring Matt Dillon and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, which you can check out below!

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Crazay2242d ago

This looks interesting. Has a bit of an Alan Wake vibe to it.

-Foxtrot2241d ago

That shot of the town 4 seconds in...kind of looks like A Town Called Eureka.

Crazay2241d ago

The one mentioned in Sons of Anarchy?

SniperControl2241d ago

Your right, looks like Fox recycled the Eureka set, half expecting Fargo to run across the road.

annoyedgamer2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Alan Wake ripoff. Will look into it anyways.