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The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Wants to Play Batman Villain The Riddler

Jim Parsons has revealed that he would like to play The Riddler in a future movie.

The Big Bang Theory actor told MTV that he would be up for playing the DC villain opposite Ben Affleck as Batman.

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TheHergulaX2749d ago

He could pull it off... all I'm saying.

SavageKuma2749d ago

I can definitely see that. It would really work out.

Porcelain_Chicken2749d ago

It's hard for me to see him as anything other than Sheldon Cooper. Would be quite interesting if he could pull it off. Edward Norton remains my top choice for the Riddler.

ironfist922749d ago

He needs to stretch his acting chops and do something other than being Sheldon Cooper.

Riddler would be a great choice.

StarWarsFan2748d ago

I don't know if he's right for such a big movie. He's great on television, but I think he'd be overpowered by a major production like a Batman movie. I just don't think he has the presence.

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