Justified "Burned" Review - IGN

IGN: Despite the return to slower development, we've been waiting an eternity to find out who the CI is--it was Wynn Duffy all along!--and lo and behold it just so happens to be the same episode where the coal mine finally hit pay dirt. All at the same time Avery was celebrating his engagement to Katherine Hale! What a coincidence.
The biggest parts of the episode were Boyd getting double crossed when he lit the fuse (get it? he started the literal and metaphorical slow burn) and the return of Loretta and her penchant for using leverage to her advantage. This time Loretta's aiming to take over land--a nice detail since Boyd and Raylan will either escape Harlan or die trying and someone has to fill the power void. Loretta fits the bill and the scene between her and that awkward-looking threatening dude was cute if not a little overacted. Boyd getting crossed by Zachariah also delayed the inevitable will-they-won't-they ending of the series, whatever that may be.

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