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Ghostbusters Filming Dates, Location & Rating Revealed; Paul Feig Addresses Fan Reaction

Collider: Despite the fact that the last time a Ghostbusters film was in theaters, George H.W. Bush was President, the property remains as popular as ever. Director Ivan Reitman‘s first two movies connected with a lot of people, and that love has kept the franchise alive for over two decades. During that time, many tried to get a Ghostbusters sequel off the ground (especially Dan Aykroyd), and 2015 is finally the year in which cameras will once again roll on an official film in the franchise—albeit in a very different fashion.

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-Foxtrot2241d ago

"Oh I love Ghostbusters"

His interviews since he was revealed to be the director say otherwise.

In my opinion they got him to do it, he had a script for a supernatural comedy he was going to do with McCarthy and Wiig so he slapped Ghostbusters on it.