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Top 8 Most Brutal TV Shows So Far There’s no denying that television has grown more and more violent over the years, but it’s not just an American thing. Two decades ago, it would have been tough to even make a list like this. But with the advent of cable and pay channels, there are less and less restrictions about the kind of violence allowed to be broadcast.

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C_Menz2249d ago

Sad to see that this website moved to splitting it's points across multiple pages for only 8 points. Plus I got an annoying pop-up ad saying I have "viruses and to click here to fix them!" lol

Regardless nothing on cable TV will ever come close to what premium channels are capable like GoT and Spartacus. I would say that Dexter ranks somewhere in here too and possibly Helix on SyFy.

Lord_Sloth2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

While I agree, at least it isn't as bad as whatculture yet... This article would have been 9 pages long.

As to the article itself, upon seeing Spartacus at 2 and GoT at 1 I was gonna protest a bit then I read his reasoning which was quite sound.

Spartacus is a very very intensely brutal show but it does come off as a bit grade B at times and honestly the blood occurs with such frequency that you get desensitized to it in short order.

Alxe2249d ago

im totally agreed with you