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Batman V Superman: 10 Most Important Things It Has To Get Right


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is either going to be 2016’s best movie, or one of its most disappointing. There would usually be room for it to come somewhere between those, but if it’s not great, fans are not going to be happy. The pressure is on director Zack Snyder to deliver then; no easy feat in a movie which sounds more like Justice League Lite than a simple team up between two of the world’s most iconic and beloved superheroes.

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Porcelain_Chicken2240d ago

I agree with everything except the MoS marketing bit. The trailer had plenty of action and explosions and punches that launched dudes across skylines. How it can be interpreted as anything but that is ridiculous. Also It wasn't badly received because it had action, it was badly received because it didn't follow Donner's vision which is the 1 and only vision for movie critics judging by Rotten Tomatoes reviews and because it didn't have a plethora of jokes to fall back on.

KingPin2240d ago

sees whatculture....doesnt bother clicking link.

aint nobody got time for their shitty web design.

DragoonsScaleLegends2240d ago

Well if they want this to be a down to earth realistic Superman movie then there is no reason Superman should get his butt beat by Batman which is what I feel this movie is going to be about if it's going off the horrible Dark Knight Returns animated movies.

aDDicteD2235d ago

#1 the things that can make it work is if ben affleck, gal gadot and jesse eisenberg will prove to be wise casting choices especially the latter since lex luthor should be a force to be reckoned with.
if one of the three names mentioned did not deliver well it will result in a mix review, if all three did not do well then its over for DC as marvel casted the right people so far.

#2 if batman is a poorly portrayed character compared to bale or keaton's batman then it would be criticized but i do have some faith that affleck might pull it off

#3 the story and the length of the film should blend well, they already have a lot of characters in the film so they might think of making this movie 2 and a half hour at least.