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10 Comic Book Movie Performances That Ruined Actors' Careers


Could Heath Ledger have survived the hype that came after his performance as the Joker? Would he have been able to leave that most iconic of performances behind him and not be typecast or entirely over-shadowed? Mark Hamill might suggest that he would have struggled.

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Porcelain_Chicken2241d ago

I don't think Keaton's career was ruined by playing Batman and a good percentage of these actors are terrible or b-list to begin with. Alicia Silverstone and Brandon Routh were cast for looks alone and Chris O'Donnel and Micheal Chiklis are and will forever be tv actors. Topher Grace's Venom was really only disliked by us comic book fans. The casual movie-goers really liked him or at least thought he was ok so I doubt that SM3 ruined his career. It went the way it would've went without it. In my opinion.