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Monaghan Discusses Finding The Joker's Voice, Teases Gotham Return


Nobody was laughing when Cameron Monaghan made his "Gotham" debut.

In "The Blind Fortune Teller," Monaghan played Jerome, a young man working at Haley's circus who killed his mother over her sexual promiscuity. Many of Batman's foes have been introduced this first season at one stage or another in their lives, including Scarecrow, Penguin, Riddler and Poison Ivy. So when "Gotham" promos teased the sinisterly grinning Jerome with his crazy cackle as "no joke," it certainly appeared that the Caped Crusader's arch-nemesis, the Joker, had finally arrived on the scene.

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04roacht2242d ago

i'm not convinced he is joker

Crazay2241d ago

I've seen just one episode and it was pretty decent. I sought out this guys performance in the episode he's talking about and wow. I was quite impressed with what I saw. Think I'll have to add this to the list of things to check out over the summer

Porcelain_Chicken2241d ago

The first few episodes were kinda meh... But I feel like it's picked up since. Personally I really like. It puts a kooky spin on Gotham's origins.