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The Walking Dead “Spend” Review (Season 5 Episode 14) - TV Equals

TV Equals: The Walking Dead returned tonight with “Spend”, as we bookend the episode with the polarizing character of Father Gabriel. Apparently he either had a spare collar in his pocket, or Alexandria had one, because he had a fresh one in his shirt and seemed to be ready to get the church all set up. Unfortunately, he’s still all messed up emotionally and starts ripping up the Bible, which is never a good sign for the long-term well being of a character. This guy has been very hit or miss for me, and I’d definitely say it’s been more miss recently. After tonight, he’s a 100% miss. I just don’t know what he hopes to achieve by telling Deanna that Rick is Satan. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to believe him right away, but I’m sure more stuff is going to go down pretty soon that will make her think Rick is a bad dude. I just don’t get where Gabriel gets off saying this stuff. First of all, he knows how dangerous Rick is, so imagine what he might do when he hears Gabriel said this. Sec...

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