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Banshee Season 3 Episode 10 Review: “We All Pay Eventually” | TVOM

TVOM: "Banshee is a show about people stuck between who they once were, and who they want to be. A former crook trying to be a mother and raise the normal family she never got to have, an old boxer and thief who becomes a bar owner, an Amish girl trying to become a gangster, or a disgruntled military commander and criminal trying to be a caring lover: everyone in Banshee, particularly in this fantastic third season, have faced a crisis of identity and decided who they wanted to be. Some people paid for that decision: Siobahn and Gordon’s respective deaths may occur in very different situations, but the conviction of character that preceded it proved these people had figured out who they really were – and with that knowledge, no longer lived with the fear of death in the back of their minds (RIP Nola, a woman who knew who she was more than anyone)."

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