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Meet Jurassic World's Raptor Squad And Enjoy This New Jurassic World Movie Still

SciFied: A new Jurassic World movie still featuring Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson as they arrive to Isla Nublar has been released by the official Jurassic Park Facebook page with the tagline reading "Welcome to Isla Nublar. Where to now?" You can check out that new still below! In addition to the new movie still, a new image of Chris Pratt's "Raptor Squad" has also found its way online. Featuring the Velociraptors he's managed to "tame", Charlie, Blue, Delta and Echo - being their names. Check that image out below as well!

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aDDicteD2244d ago

i heard a lot of hate for the raptor squad/ tamed raptors whatever they are, but i think its cool and im looking forward for the big showdown between the raptors and indominus rex it will be great.