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Miles Teller Wants The Fantastic Four To Chill With The X-Men


Just today we got to scope out brand new pictures of Miles Teller in his Mr. Fantastic duds for “Fantastic Four,” and now we have even more new info about the upcoming film.

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-Foxtrot2255d ago

What makes him think their versions of the F4 would fit into the X-Men universe.

Seriously I hate when these actors pretend that they know about the comics and back stories when really they don't have a clue.

I hate Miles Teller.

RetrospectRealm2255d ago

Well, Fox is obviously jealous of Marvel Studios, so I totally expect them to be attempting to mesh both worlds into one.

-Foxtrot2254d ago

Yeah they kind of shoe horned Quicksilver into DoFP when they heard Joss Whedon was using him in Age of Ultron. They basically changed shit when it was shooting to counter them

I would of taken that young Juggernaut scene over Quicksilver anyday. Least then it would of made more sense and if it was quicker they could of left the Rouge plot in the film.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32254d ago

Wrong. Quicksilver was announced for DoFP first.

-Foxtrot2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago ) he wasn't

It was early days of shooting DoFP and Joss announced Quicksilver. Fox then wanted Bryan singer yo put QS somewhere in the film so he changed the prison scene like I've said above.

Fox basically threw a tantrum because they wanted to do the character first since they own the rights. Even though they've had so many films/chances to add him.

When Wolverine says "I know a guy, he'd be a young man by now" does that sound better refering to a character he's met, Juggernaut (in Last Stand and being Charles step brother) or someone like QS whos never been mentioned once and has never even been introduced....especially with Wolverine.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Maybe that's the case, but DoFP did come out a full year before The Avengers, not to mention Quicksilver originates in the X-Men universe. They are throwing him and Scarlett Witch in the next avengers because they want to push their upcoming inhumans film, and they've changed the involvement of both of those characters concerning the Ultron storyline.

Fox jealous of Marvel? It's actually the complete opposite. Marvel is trying to position The Inhumans as their own X-Men like franchise. The latest run of the Inhumans comic is even titled 'The Uncanny Inhumans'.

On an interesting sidenote, a couple of the original members of The Inhumans actually came from the Fantastic Four.

barbarapeva2254d ago

This actually could be a great idea.

Anthotis2254d ago

I want the Fantastic Four and director Trankberg to chill in a frozen lake.