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Is Kevin Smith Working on a Mallrats Sequel?


We’re not sure when Kevin Smith’s imminent retirement transformed into the most ambitious slate of indie films since the days of Golan-Globus, but here we are. This morning America’s favorite wake ‘n bake director–currently in post-production on the Johnny Depp-led Yoga Hosers–took to his Facebook for an announcement of epic snoogans proportions…

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Crazay2250d ago


-Foxtrot2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

That would be so awesome, that film was hilarious.

Imagine them both now still hanging out in a mall with all the new trends kids/teens go through to do. They would be walking relics of the old trend.

The happy ending they had won't last knowing the characters, it would of came crashing down soon after

Honestly he could of really cycled between this and Clerks.

Soldierone2250d ago

It'd be pretty entertaining, though most of the cast is clearly aged A LOT so I wonder how he'd tackle that?

Plus he would for sure need another Stan Lee cameo!

Porcelain_Chicken2250d ago

Hell yeah!! Love the first! Would welcome a sequel with open arms. The nipple thing still kills me every time I see it. Jason Lee's reaction is priceless!

Stringerbell2249d ago

Still the best Stan Lee cameo =p

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