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How The 100 Season 2 Proved That Clarke Griffin Is the Strongest Female Character on TV

TVOM: "The 100 just finished its second season Wednesday night on The CW, and I’m both happy and sad, because while the series ended Season 2 on an incredible high note (what a finale!), it now means that we’ll have to wait months until Season 3 begins. During this season, The 100 provided fans with many interesting storylines and compelling characters, as pretty much every single individual on the show grew and developed in some way, from Jasper to Octavia to Murphy. However, the most satisfying of all the show’s arcs in Season 2 was Clarke’s, and Wednesday night’s finale reaffirmed what pretty much every episode of Season 2 has proven: that the character, perfectly played by Eliza Taylor (seriously, she’s not just giving one of the best performances on The CW but on TV right now), is unlike any other teenager on television, tasked with making impossible decisions that require an unbelievable sense of strength and maturity. Simply put, Clarke Griffin is the strongest female character on TV."

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