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The Americans “Walter Taffet” Review Season 3 Episode 7 | TV Equals

TV Equals: "On the latest episode of “The Americans,” things finally began to come to a head on pretty much all fronts, culminating in an impressive sequence that was worth the wait for those longing for a little more action, in “Walter Taffet.” It all began at home, where things were decidedly frosty, as Phil-not to mention Henry-got wind of what Liz had been up to behind his back with Paige, and was blindsided by Paige’s sudden interest in his and Liz’s “social activism” past. Doing his best to play things off and telling his kids that they had stopped what they were doing in order to better raise them, he had some terse words for Liz later on, resulting in a noticeable chill between the two for most of the episode."

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