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Frozen 2 Officially Announced


In one of the biggest non-surprises of the decade, it was officially announced today that Frozen 2 is officially in the works and the first film’s directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and producer Peter Del Vecho returning.

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Crazay2247d ago

Least surprising news of all time

-Foxtrot2247d ago

NO :|

Jesus Christ, the film isn't even that good. Tangled before it was better.

Why don't they just do what they always do and make a shitty direct to DVD sequel while the main team work on something brand new.

Thatguy-3102247d ago

I strongly agree. The movie was alright at best. When it comes to quality it just doesn't stack up against other animated classics.

gangsta_red2246d ago

I take it you don't have any daughters, let alone any kids.

You have no idea how popular Frozen is to little girls. They loved that movie and it was a hit. This is no different than the Toy Story trilogy.

And if I'm not mistaken Disney animation studios are making new films as we speak.

-Foxtrot2246d ago

Difference is Toy Story is actually a good film for all ages and genders.

gangsta_red2246d ago

That's your opinion.

I personally didn't like any of the Toy Story movies (only saw 1 and 2) and thought they were very overrated.

I also didn't like Frozen, but kids did as well as Toy Story, go figure.

SantistaUSA2246d ago

Kids freaking love that movie, I've watched it once and it was ok, I'm 36 but again is mainly made for kids, just because you don't like it does not mean that other people don't.

-Foxtrot2246d ago

Yes because I'm the only one here that doesn't like it. <sigh>

Great argument ¬¬

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Soldierone2247d ago

Should have been Tangled.... and honestly I hate this news all around. Frozen was FINALLY fading, and now we will need to suffer that all over again.... UGH!

Of all the films to choose from, they pick their worst one to make a follow up....

ironfist922247d ago

One of the most overrated films of all time (in business talk "made a boatload of cash") gets a sequel.


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