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Josh Cooley to Co-Direct Toy Story 4 With John Lasseter


Pixar has announced that Josh Cooley, head of story on their summer release Inside Out, will co-direct the hotly-anticipated Toy Story 4 with original director and company CCO John Lasseter.

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Stringerbell2252d ago

TS 3 ended on the perfect note oh well. IMHO Pixar is making way too many sequels these days.

Soldierone2251d ago

Exactly what Pixar didn't want is now happening, it's so sad. The whole reason Toy Story 2 wasn't made for a while is because they knew Disney would make 50 of them.

Stringerbell2251d ago

The worst IMO is those Cars / Planes movies. One was more than enough!

Soldierone2251d ago

Pixar didn't make Planes, it was all Disney haha

I think Disney is somewhat flexing their power now that they own Pixar and forcefeeding us this crap.

Stringerbell2251d ago

I thought Cars was Lasseter's pet project? But yeah Disney certainly is having way too much influence with Pixar's films.

barbarapeva2250d ago

This will be the best of the lot.