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8 Acclaimed Actors – And Their Hilarious B-Movie Debuts

WOW247: "We’ve all got to start somewhere, haven’t we? And it’s encouraging to learn that many of Hollywood’s most esteemed and venerated stars first appeared in the schlockiest of schlocky B-movies.

"Prepare yourselves for Oscar-winners and A-Listers in horrifyingly awful horrors, sci-fis and action flicks. Here are eight acclaimed actors, and their hilarious movie debuts."

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Crazay2252d ago

Don't diss Critters dude. LOL

shodan742252d ago

Still got a big soft-spot for that film series, as ridiculous as it was!

Crazay2252d ago

Loved when one of them turned into the centerfold and plucks the staple out of her belly.