American Sniper (2014) Review - Gambitcon

Gambitcon - Bradley Cooper is a very charismatic actor and he puts his charisma to use once again when he plays a typical American Texan Joe who otherwise would have been very boring ,but thanks to Cooper isn't . Cooper's goal seems to be to believably portray a killing machine with a heart of gold. Sienna Miller does a fine job with her limited screen time as the stay-at-home housewife, whose only concern is to have her husband back safe and sound at home. The film is objectively describing the most important events in Kyle's life without any subjective point of view. You analyze what has been shown to you. It is what you make of it. Perhaps that is a good thing but I expected more of American pathos, which would be more fitting for a film with the word 'American' in title.
If you want to see what all the buzz is about, then go watch it. But I guarantee that you will be disappointed since the film is not certain about the message it wants to send.

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