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Why Fairy Tales Are Not Hollywood’s New Superheroes

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Disney is taking “Cinderella” to the box office ball on Friday, and its live-action take on the classic fairy tale is expected to run up grosses that would make Superman, Spidey or Wolverine proud.

But don’t expect the glass-slippered gal and her storybook pals to replace superheroes as the heaviest box office hitters any time soon, say the experts.

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-Foxtrot2254d ago

They could of been done well if they had a plan but first you do something villain based like Maleficent and then do Cinderella while Tim Burton does Alice and Wonderland.

I would of either done villain based ones or start from Snow White and work your way through live action films where the tone, theme and overall story are kept consistent.

Maleficent should of gave way to a sequel; a live action Sleeping Beauty film and the third film maybe dealing on something brand new.

There is a lot of ways this could of went but they don't have any idea of a plan

Crazay2254d ago

Yea. If they really wanted to build something huge set in the fairy tale world, they should have set in place connecting story arcs etc etc. I guess they still could.

Soldierone2254d ago

Not going to lie, a connected world between these films would have been neat. Then get them all together for some bizarre story haha

I think fairy Tales have potential, there are plenty of comics and books that explores more than our standard stories, so it could work.

Crazay2254d ago

Personally, if they really want to tell an amazing story set within the realm of story book characters, they should look no further than the graphic novel Fables. Mind you, that series is getting a look already for another project.

Soldierone2254d ago

I think this is just Disney targeting a new audience. They will play through all their selections, then do follow ups, etc... then more "modern" ones will get demanded and made (Mulan, Tangled, Frozen, etc)

It's a solid 10+ year plan. It won't break records, but it will do just fine and that's all they want. If anything, Beauty and the Beast has the best chance to do just that, but that's it.

Crazay2254d ago

The fairy tale characters are so plentiful. It almost seems like a huge waste that they don't do something with more substance.