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Liam Neeson's Best Action Roles


Liam Neeson has spent years cultivating a reputation as one of the top rugged action heroes in Hollywood. Sure, he's known for his dramatic roles too, but sometimes we just want to see him hunt down some bad guys and punch them in the face. Ideally, Neeson's movies offer a little bit of both elements.

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-Foxtrot2253d ago

I have to admit I've enjoyed some of Liam Neesons recent films

Taken, Non-Stop, The Grey, Walk Among the Tombstones

Some of them give off a 80s/90s action film vibe

Aldous_Snow2253d ago

He's ok but he basically plays the same character in every damn movie. He comes across that way anyway

WizzroSupreme2253d ago

Unknown is my favorite film of his, but the original Taken and The Grey are probably the best of his action work.