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Person of Interest "Karma" Review - IGN

IGN: Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow...
An interesting, against-the-grain episode of POI this week in "Karma." I was particularly surprised and intrigued by how things didn't get wrapped up nice and neat at the end and that the death of Dr. Edwards' wife remained a mystery. It really helped separate this chapter from other "numbers" cases.
Because that's essentially what this was. In fact, it was one of the most closed-off cases in a long while. No tie-ins with Samaritan or the Brotherhood - just a straight drama piece with some really effective moments. Some of the mystery elements didn't play all that clean, as it became clear to the viewer that Edwards was up to no good early on as it related to Morris (which created a few frustrating segments involving our heroes needing to play catch up), but the toned-down, somber retribution angle played well. As did Finch's flashbacks to the time when he almost car-bombed Alicia Corwin (the returning Elizabeth Marvel).

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