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20 Most Iconic Hero Introductions In Movie History

WC: People love a good hero. Ever since the ancient Mesopotamian myth The Epic Of Gilgamesh, humans have had a fascination with characters who defy all the odds – and often defied the gods – and transform themselves into true heroes capable of superhuman achievements
If there’s one thing that Hollywood knows it’s that if something isn’t broken then there’s no need to fix it, and this is as true of the hero myth as anything else. If it worked for the ancient Greeks there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for the studio exec, and heroes and movies have been together since the dawn of the medium. And, to this day, the summer blockbuster relies on heroes (often provided by Marvel and DC Comics) to lure customers into movie theatres.

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WizzroSupreme2255d ago

I still quote Han Solo's cantina scene to this day.