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10 Alien Mistakes Neill Blomkamp Should Totally Erase

WC: Ask anybody who likes the Alien movies what the biggest problem with the franchise is and you’ll probably get an answer along the lines of: “Everything they did after Aliens.” Which would be something of a glib reply, of course, but not an entirely unfair one.
After all, David Fincher’s follow-up, Alien 3, is credited with having made some of the worst narrative judgement calls in the history of any franchise, ever. And the decision to bring back Ripley after her death for another go-around in Alien: Resurrection… well, “she’s a clone” was never going to do the series justice, was it?

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WizzroSupreme2253d ago

Just avoid anything about Alien 3 and you're good to go.

hazelamy2253d ago

i know what would be a mistake, visiting that site.

KingPin2252d ago

lemme guess....9 clicks to read one article

Phoenix762252d ago

Yep. Its whatcluture. They always do ten pages for everything.

hazelamy2252d ago

not always ten, the other week they did a 52 page article.

KingPin2252d ago

about time we started down voting the site. maybe then it'll get blacklisted.

MilkMan2252d ago

There is a lot of good things you can take from all the alien films. But NOT tying it to Prometheus is a mistake. Tying it to that prequel, is just what the movie needed. Its Alien and its not. What better race/origin for the ultimate killing machine that for the first Alien to be spawned from beings that where god-like. Explains much.
What they need is a great continuation to finish what they started. I always wanted to know where these creatures came from and Prometheus answers that fantastically.

Whats the alternative a whole movie of the same thing that ultimately explains everything in exposition, with jump scares. Ill watch Freddy Kruger or Jason V if I want that. This was an elegant solution to the question AND the prop that was left over from Alien 1.

Alien 3 was great in my mind and the death of Ripley made sense. In fact that whole movie made sense. People die in plane crashes, the fact that she didn't explains much, but a wounded soldier and a little girl? they where gone.

Going to Earth, yeah I didn't like that much. Clone Ripley, wasn't in love with, but it was interesting, Aliens should be upgraded all the time, because they take on traits from their host bodies. Like the Alien/Dog hybrid.

Or the Cow/Alien hybrid which was deleted. That's one of their survivor skills.

Alien/ Predator cross-overs had their day, I think its time now to receded from that and give both of these IP a chance to breath free again. It was great fan service. Thank you.