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Fresh Off The Boat Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Phillip Goldstein” - TVOM

TVOM: When we were kids, our parents always wanted us to play and hang out with the “good” kids and school administrators wanted to organize us according to levels of academic potential. “Socializing” sometimes could feel more like “groupilizing”: that is, we weren’t allowed to pick acquaintances or friends based on our common interests with other kids, but by other factors, like behavior, intelligence – or in many cases in larger schools, race, something that comes to the forefront in the less-PC ’90s-setting of Fresh Off The Boat. Despite its time setting, the truth remains universal: people will always try to box us in based on some pre-conceived definition – and it’s only when we free ourselves from that, that we can find true companionship in the world.

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