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Chris Pine Is Once Again Linked To Green Lantern Role

CBM: A short while ago we heard that Warner Bros. may have already cast an actor to play Green Lantern in their burgeoning cinematic universe, and though at the time all signs pointed John Stewart wearing the ring, if this latest rumor turns out to be true we might just be seeing Hal Jordan again.

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ironfist922250d ago

Ugh...he should be Flash, not that other no-name.

But I can see him as Kyle Rayner. Hope we dont have another Hal Jordan.

Porcelain_Chicken2250d ago

Why not? D: Wasn't Hal's fault Green Lantern (2011) sucked. Plus he's the first! And he has the most interesting villains and chemistry with the JL, and especially with Flash.

My honest opinion on the topic though? I find Chris Pine kinda wooden. Plus getting cast as Hal would be terribly unoriginal due to him playing Captain Kirk. Another fearless, cocky, expert pilot zipping around the Galaxy with smart ass quips and one-liners a plenty.

ironfist922249d ago

I just feel like the movies can acknowledge Hal Jordan existed, but have another GL down the line. John Stewart or Kyle Rayner, but Guy Gardner could be funny and different and unique from the other Green Lanterns we've seen (if any), as well as having interesting character personality. Marvel fans sure seem to love the narcissistic nature of Tony Stark, DC needs someone too.

Lord_Sloth2249d ago

I seem to be the only guy who actually prefers Hal to the other lanterns.

aDDicteD2246d ago

i also do not like him playing the part, i agree that he is a bit a wooden character and him playing kirk would also hurt his chances.

chris pine is a good actor but there are other actors out there with the same talents that needs a big break.

if they would make another green lantern i hope it would be the hal jordan character.