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Chris Pratt Could Join The Ghostbusters Expanded Universe

BAD: After I read Mike Fleming's Deadline piece about the new 'guy-centric' Ghostbusters I knew something was weird. Either Sony had fucked up the franchise or they had fucked up the announcement - only one of those two things made sense. So I got in touch with some of the Sony folks I know and started asking questions. What I found out was pretty incredible.

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-Foxtrot2254d ago

Jurassic Park
Possibly Indiana Jones

Hope he doesn't over do it.

Shame Channing Tatum is on board, I like the guy but I'd rather have someone else.

StarWarsFan2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I think Sony is going a little far with their Ghostbusters endeavor. They seem to have no guidance. First a female-driven reboot, now a male one in the works and possibly other marketing spin-offs. They just seem lost. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again?

And I like Chris Pratt in general, but I don't know if I love anyone enough to put them in every major franchise.

Aldous_Snow2253d ago

They need to let this go. It's turning into a bigger mess than the DCU

ironfist922253d ago

Soon youre gonna see Chris Pratt as the main actor in every major franchise ever.

Wouldnt be surprised if he replaces Paul Walker in the FF films, or as a Princess in the next Diseny film.