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First Plot Synopsis For King Arthur Film Revealed as Cameras Roll

From Cinelinx:

Warner Bros. has announced that Guy Ritchies upcoming new take on the King Arthur mythos has started filming today, and along with the announcement they've revealed the film's cast and details on the plot. Come inside to see how different this version will be.

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Anthotis2258d ago

"Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond,” “In America”) as Resistance leader Bedivere"

Oh dear...

Stringerbell2257d ago

This movie seems to take place in and around the time of Roman England. Well individuals of African descent existed throughout the far reaches of the Roman Empire. Both as citizens and legionaries, especially the latter. Therefore it is not outlandish for Djimon Hounsou to be cast in this project.

A little more reading on the subject of Africnas in Britannia if you're interested...