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Video Game Movies Are Improving, But Why Have They Been So Terrible

From Cinelinx:

When I was young I was fascinated with video games. I still am to this day, but I had a passion burning that had me wanting to make games. I still dream of one day entering that E3 stage, but things turned a bit for me. I grew up during a time that was still developing game design, and programming. So I didn’t have a lot for me. What I did have was film, so I transitioned into making movies since I figured it was the closest thing to making video games. Yet to this day I still fight to bridge the two industries because the film industry simply does not accept videogames. This is why I believe video game movies are so terrible.

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WizzroSupreme2250d ago

Because they get such lousy directors and feel like they can get away on the cheap.

Kurylo3d2249d ago

or becuase they change the story to the point that its not even teh same story.. just the same characters by name and maybe costume.. nothing else.

Eyesoftheraven2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Video games require creating everything from scratch. In live action film, you just acquire and manipulate what already exists. You can make all sorts of script changes in live action with relative ease, but any change in a video game requires a ton of backtracking. Excluding things like audio, where in a game you can animate a character to say whatever and change that at any time.

And in both cases - politics, politics, politics.

-Foxtrot2250d ago

They are improving? LOL....are they hell

Untill the follow the source material they will never be good

Soldierone2250d ago

Need For Speed was pretty good. Plus the other movies lined up have big budgets and real directors and actors attached to them. Look at World of Warcraft for example.

Other ones like Ratchet and Clank have the developers helping in production, which is always a good thing.

-Foxtrot2250d ago

The Need for Speed games don't really have much of a plot so it basically came off as a Fast and Furious spin off they slapped Need for Speed on.

As for World of Warcraft, does that really have much of a story with it being an MMO. Yeah it has an overall plot with with players having complete controll over their character and the fact they can do anything they want it gives them the creative freedom to do anything they want with the film. Make a fantasy film and slapped WoW onto it.

Kurylo3d2249d ago

the first mortal kombat was probably the only good movie from a game... not the second... though lol.. Though the machinama series for mortal kombat is pretty damn awesome.. espeacially season 2.

Stringerbell2250d ago

Well the Mass Effect animated film was decent. Plus the Resident Evil CGI films were good too. I understand they are talking about live action but still...

Rute2250d ago

Perhaps the upcoming Warcraft film will earn Oscar nominations?

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