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Ghostbusters Reboot Just Became An Unholy Mess

WOW247: "Do you love ‘shared universes’?

"Hollywood does. And following the success of Marvel’s inter-connected comic book movies and Avengers ensemble, it seems everyone in tinseltown wants a piece of the action. The latest victim of this grating trend is Ghostbusters."

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Soldierone2248d ago

This article is good because it ventures off and talks about the whole universe idea. That I agree with, why does everything need to be "bigger" now. More visuals, more story, everything needs to be a franchise.... why not just make one really good film and let it be?

-Foxtrot2248d ago

I don't want Paul Feig's movie to be part of the Universe and I would never want them to team up

If I like the male one but hate the female then as an audience member I'll be put off watching the team up.