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Who Should Be The First Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man?

The GCE writes: "The fires of excitement have been going for a few weeks over the Marvel deal to co-produce the next Spider-man movie. Recently The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider threw some more gasoline on the fire during a recent Meet the Movie Press podcast when he slyly implied that his insider sources had told him that it is very unlikely that Spider-Man will be played by a white actor. That’s all it took to sound the trumpets of fan boy war: Miles vs Peter. Black vs White. “Preserve the Classics” VS. “Who the hell is Miles Morales?” Everyone is jumping to pick a side but it’s not necessary. It’s a no brainer: The next Spider-man should be Peter Parker."

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-Foxtrot2254d ago

Should be Peter Parker, I would be highly ticked off if it was but he was being played by a black, Latino or Asian actor. Why change the character to fit another ones race.

My picks for Spiderman would be

Dave Franco
Dylan O’Brien
Jonny Weston
Alden Ehrenreich
Drake Bell
Michael Angarano

If they want someone younger fine, but they have to stop with a a bunch of "rumoured actors" who look like they've come straight from the kiddy Nickelodeon channel. Get someone who looks older then what they are.

Spiderman is full of morale decisions and strong villains but it's not going to work with a baby faced actor playing Spiderman.

Not to mention you need someone who looks like the average Joe, someone who doesn't have many friends and pretty much talks to himself.

Porcelain_Chicken2254d ago

Hadn't thought about Angarano, I like him. The guy is underrated as hell. He'd easily get my vote. Although I doubt he's even being considered. :(

Out of curiousity, what if a really light skinned Latino was cast? And he played an American Spidey. Would that be ok?

-Foxtrot2254d ago

"He'd easily get my vote. Although I doubt he's even being considered. :("

Course not and you want to know why? Because all the rumoured people they want are baby faced pretty boys who are popular NOW. Someone like Logan or Dylan wouldn't be considered if their time had passed.

I feel like they care more about the actors looks instead of the acting skills or if he can pull of the role. It's like they have an "eye candy" agenda for the role.

Either that or it's because if they get someone baby faced and looks really young they can keep him around longer as he ages but that shouldn't be a factor.

RDJ is 50 in April and he's the most loved character in the Marvel Universe. The guy had the character looks and he can play the part.

Not to mention an ageing Peter Parker is something they could work with story wise. It would open new doors for new storylines so it's not really a problem.

As I've said I would prefer an older Peter Parker...the universe is totally different to the comics now so you may aswell just have a Peter Parker whos older and gets bitten. Instead of High School it's University.

You know me and my love for source material but I can easily forgive Marvel if they did that, like I've been doing over the years because they've made the best out of the franchises they do have. Since they don't own everything it's not their fault. Even with GoTG they only had one film to fit everything in, the fact James Gunn managed to create a plot which pairs all five of them together in the space of one film was fantastic, while with the Avengers they each had a film before their team up. Was it different...yes but like I said they had only one film and the Guardians wern't as popular as a franchise

"Out of curiousity, what if a really light skinned Latino was cast? And he played an American Spidey. Would that be ok?"

I don't think it would, no offence but there is plenty of talented white male actors out there. If they want someone Latino find a Latino superhero or villain. Even if he didn't look it people would know because of the actor.

Soldierone2254d ago

Being honest I like your list a million times more than every singled rumored actor so far. I agree entirely in stopping with this baby face actor search. Spider-Man is a nerd, not Justin Bieber.

Porcelain_Chicken2254d ago

Agreed! Although even now Mchael is still kinda baby faced lol.

this guy I used to work with had a white mother and a latino father. His last name is Torres but he's as white as they come. Has light brown hair and blue eyes. Speaks English and Spanish perfectly. Would an actor like that be ok? :D

Aldous_Snow2254d ago

Jonah Hill (fat Jonah) or McLovin would make the perfect Spiderman