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The Tomorrowland Trailer Is Here

Disney has revealed the full trailer to their mystery project, Tomorrowland with George Clooney.

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Soldierone2256d ago

This film is interesting, but the story perks feel like its just following a guide. It's almost identical to Jupiter Ascending so far.... the only difference is the power.

Garethvk2256d ago

The trick is how much of the backstory is true. Disney told us at D23 in 2011 they found a box in the archives that had all sorts of odd stuff like a type of Laser Disc that had a cartoon of the great energy leaders Einstein, Tesla, etc, as well as all sorts of other odd stuff. For a company that took comprehensive records and maintained them the fact that this was in a box with two other labels over it was odd so they decided to make a movie over what it all may have been about.

Garethvk2256d ago

I just hope there is a story and not all FX and she is the chosen one, and she can save us. If it is such a bright future, she should not be needed as a savior.