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8 Best Horror Movies Remakes Ever

Most of us our instant reaction to a horror remake is ‘not again’ but sometimes as horror fans we really just need to pull the stick out. Younger generations have heard their parents and older siblings rave about movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th but studios also recognize most won’t experience the originals, so enter the remake.

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Chevalier2251d ago

Good list, but, the number 1 pick wasn't a remake. It was a prequel.

PixelGateUk2251d ago

Carpterners The Thing is a remake, the god awful 20012 (13?) 'Thing' with Romona flowers is a prequel

Chevalier2251d ago

It is a decent list, there good for what they are. But I usually gravitate back to the original material. Juon for example was better than the American remake/sequels The Grudge.