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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 Review: “Forget” | TVOM

TVOM: "Rick’s always been his own worst enemy. In early seasons of The Walking Dead, his inability to make difficult decisions proved deadly to his group, his family, and himself – and in later seasons, his withering, conflicted morality has shown to be a great deal of stress for him, a man trying to balance being a father, a leader, and a survivor, the values of all three clashing together at every turn. In Alexandria, however, it appears Rick Grimes may be our antagonist in the short-term – a wonderful flipping of the tables that pits Alexandria’s constable against the town he’s supposed to protect. Okay, it’s not quite the premise of Banshee, but “Forget” presents us – for the first time in awhile – a new direction for our characters: that is, a devolution into evil."

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Soldierone2255d ago

I personally thought the episode sucked. Really long and drawn out, nothing really happens. First time all season I asked "is anything going to happen" and kept checking the clock to see when it is over.

If you know my history you know I normally like episodes people hate for "being slow" but unlike those episode, nothing came of this. A very confusing character development, some really small minor details, and lots of talking. I mean seriously NOTHING happened, and what little did happen could be condensed to 15 minutes if they didn't draw it out with long boring dialogue.

What a waste of an episode.