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The Returned "Camille" Review - IGN

IGN: Hug those loved ones tight, because you never know when they might be gone from your life forever. Or, as is in the case of this incoming series, for four long years.
As far as remakes go, The Returned, which debuts Monday, has the automatic advantage of being in English, as opposed to its French counterpart Les Revenants, which boasted subtitles during its original run on Sundance. Let's face it, being in English will give it much more mainstream appeal, like it or not, and mean there will be less people making comparisons to the original. It’s also able to boast the likes of Carlton Cuse — who is becoming known as the go-to guy for adaptations thanks to Bates Motel and The Strain — and Raelle Tucker (True Blood, Supernatural), who head up the action behind-the-scenes. In their hands, the pilot delivers an admirable mix of eerie calm and promising action through a variety of time devices and a thought-out narrative that leaves just enough up in the air at the end of the episode to keep us hooked.

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