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Top 8 Most Overrated Hollywood Actors So Far

Acting is not a piece of cake, While some performances are so effortlessly presented on screen and give the impression that acting is a walk in the park, the commitment and talent that goes into delivering fine performances is above and beyond what many of us perceive it to be. Hollywood actors and actresses have become like gods to many people around the globe, and they are worshiped with praise, money, awards, and gifts.

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Dark112255d ago

Where is JLaw and emma watson?

KingPin2255d ago

tom cruise? di caprio? really?
what drugs was this guy on when he wrote this bullshit.

StarWarsFan2255d ago

Cruise? DiCaprio? Johnny Depp? Are you kidding me? How about nearly every British actor who pretty much has to rely on their accent for anything.

Scrivlar2255d ago

That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read since nearly every american film or tv show out there has at least 1 British actor with an american accent.

StarWarsFan2254d ago

I am referring to movie actors, the likes of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, not that they're bad, but overrated to some degree. And using so many in TV highlights the point of them being overrated. Why use so many at all? What do they suddenly offer extra? Nothing. Again, not that they're bad, just overrated. When you start going after DiCaprio and Depp in this kind of list, that's the ridiculousness of it all.

fitfox2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Meryl Streep, not saying she's bad or anything but yeah, she "is" overrated.

windblowsagain2255d ago

The list smells of bullshit.

Crazay2255d ago

I agree - this is a ridiculous list made for nothing other than SPAM bait. Careful you might get a ban for saying something offensive.