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The Amazing Race Season 26 Episode 3 Review: “#MurphysLaw”

TVOM: Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race took the teams to Thailand, where they got to experience the culture of the city. Between water skiing, ziplining, and cabaret dancing, Thailand had a lot to offer as the blind couples grew closer (or further apart in some cases) and the established couples started figuring out how to work together.

For the New Kid On the Block team, consisting of Harley and Jonathan, this leg of the race started out slowly. Some bad luck landed them on a flight that left the morning after all the other teams arrived. They didn’t let this discourage them, as they persevered and didn’t let their fear of heights or their late start get to them. With the added benefit that the other teams didn’t officially start the leg of the race until the morning, things were looking up for them. However, despite their best efforts and a mishap for dating couple Matt and Ashley, who had forgotten their fanny pack at the cabaret, Harley and Jonathan were the last team to make it to the Pit Stop. Fortunately, it was a non-elimination round and they will live to see another leg of the race.

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