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THR: His new film, Unfinished Business, falls into that last subcategory — perhaps not coincidentally, as it, too, was directed by Ken Scott (Delivery Man was Scott’s remake of his own homegrown Quebecois hit, Starbuck). A guys-gone-wild romp in the well-worn tradition of Todd Phillips’ Hangover franchise, this is the latest example of a movie that doesn’t work hard enough to freshen up formulas used and abused by filmmakers like Phillips, Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors), Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) and others.
Indeed, Unfinished Business will seem woefully familiar to most anyone who’s been to a movie theater — or taken a long plane ride — over the past 10 years. Male sexual panic gags involving penises? Check. Drug-fueled bacchanals shown in slow-mo? Check. Car high jinks (here involving a German-language GPS)? Check. Disposable, misogynistically conceived female characters? Check. Lessons learned (don’t be a bully; never give up; appreciate what you have)? Check.

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