What Wolverine Would Bring to The Avengers


Jackman's up for it, but would Wolverine be good addition to the team, and could it really ever happen?

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04roacht1510d ago

As Spider-Man and thus Norman Osborn is part of the MCU, if they got Wolverine they should do a Dark Avengers movie

aDDicteD1510d ago

x men franchise is doing well unlike sony who are really doomed with the spiderman franchise they cannot get right.

just because spiderman will join the avengers does not mean the chances of wolverine also getting in the mix is also a near possibility, first of all accepting hugh jackman's wolverine is like accepting everything that happened in the previous x men franchise including x men origins wolverine and x men the last stand, i do not think marvel will be happy to accept the franchise since avengers done its characters justice while x men made significant stumbles along the way, it is debatable that x men already cleaned up there mistakes with days of the future past but it depends on marvel really.

Aldous_Snow1510d ago

Hell no. I'm sick of seein him now. Every X Men movie he is in seems to always revolve around him and its getting boring.