The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Review | Dork Shelf

Dork Shelf: "Wow, what an unexpected treat that Wes Anderson dared to make his first sequel with a follow up to The Grand Budapest Hotel not even a year after the original hit screens. The timing should work out in his favor since there’s been all that Oscar-fueled publicity and the last movie made over $100 million worldwide. Clearly audiences are ready to dive back in to his ornate slapstick machine. This should be fun. What’s that? This is a sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? You mean that horrible retirement home exploitation drivel that felt like the cinematic equivalent of a stale glass of Camomile Tea. Goddamn it. This is going to be horrible…Ok, I’ve seen it now. I was right. It’s an abysmal waste of time and talent. Somehow it’s even worse than the last movie and that didn’t seem like a remote possibility two long n’ painful hours ago. I guess that’s a filmmaking achievement of some sort. Sigh…at least you didn’t have to suffer through it like I did, dear reader."

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