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Dork Shelf: "Let’s send Vince Vaughn to Berlin on a business trip to try and win over a big new client. But let’s also set him up for some crazy exploits. Add a supporting cast of a dirty old man, a naïve grinning idiot, a ball-busting boss, and a businessman who enjoys some glory hole action. Still with me? Then let’s weave in a narrative about cyber-bullying, standing up for yourself, and being a good provider for your family. Throw in an art-themed hotel, strange encounters in a spa, women’s running gear, a G8 summit and “sex maids,” interspersed with business pitches and a lot of serious talk about some amorphous “figures” and you have all the component parts of this film. Confused? Me too. I’m guessing the director was a bit as well. That’s certainly how it felt watching Unfinished Business. "

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