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Fandom Post: "Neil Blomkamp continues to present microcosmic depictions at life in South Africa with robotic style in his newest feature film Chappie.The movie opens with news clips about a company called Tetravaal which has manufactured human-sized robots called ‘scouts’ for the Johannesburg police force. They’re tough and efficient, and function as weaponized soldiers or shields for human officers to walk behind into dangers situations. As a result crime has been drastically reduced and the city is safer than ever from crime. This is all thanks to the work of an engineer named Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) who has made the company look good for its president Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver). Meanwhile, another engineer named Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman) is growing increasingly jealous since his giant mecha has been considered too powerful and dangerous for general use by the police and Ms. Bradley and his funding and help are reduced year after year."

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