Toy Story 4 Will Not Continue Original Trilogy's Story, Will Be A Romantic Comedy


When Disney and Pixar announced plans for Toy Story 4 last year, many fans protested the decision, arguing that the initial trilogy of films told a complete and satisfying tale.

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-Foxtrot1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

They are joking....right

I mean no ties to the originals, but what about all that great character development which they've had because of those films and the journey they've been on....they are just going to pretend they never happened.

I really want this film to focus on finding Bo Peep

Porcelain_Chicken1512d ago

A fourth movie centered around finding a character that had 2 minutes of screen time in a trilogy?? Nooooo...

I agree with many fans that fourth movie is unnecessary. It feels like we ended on a perfect note with Woody & the gang. I would however welcome a new story in the same universe. Surely there are hundreds of toys out there having their own awesome adventures, getting into all sorts of shinnanigans. And toys that differ greatly from Cowboys and Space Rangers. It opens up an endless amount of opportunities. If done right can be a great new trilogy.