WWE Killing New Talent- The Ascension

Hyper Focused Media's Carl Williams writes, "The Ascension tag team are obviously going for the old school “way too much intro gear to actually wrestle in” category. This was popularized by the greats such as Demolition, The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, Big Van Vader and many others which really took on the larger than life persona through additional gear worn to the ring. At the WWE Reunion show we saw the reuniting of some of the best tag teams in WWE/WCW history. We saw the Acolyte Protection Agency, NWO and part of DX (um yeah, two didn’t show up and one had an identity crisis as to which group he was a part of) show up. The Ascension interrupt the proceedings early on when it was only the NWO in the ring while the others all have their chance to hold the spotlight, one more time in incremental order."

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