Gal Gadot Getting Into Shape For Wonder Woman


Check out some new images of Gal Gadot.

While the pics are not specifically from her training for Wonder Woman - it's an ad campaign for Castro - the images do appear to reveal some muscle tone.

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Crazay1597d ago

I still don't see enough definition on her. I don't want her to be jacked up but some definition would be nice

Porcelain_Chicken1597d ago

She looks bigger in the WW comic con pic, how recent are these?

Crazay1597d ago

From my understanding they were from an Israeli site and they're quite recent. Poor report in my opinion.

-Foxtrot1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

She looks almost exactly the same...EXACTLY THE BLOODY SAME

Jeez I wish people would realise some woman just can't gain the muscle, they can look more toned but she's not going to gain much.

Shows you the level of quality in DC's casting.

She was cheap for a multi contract deal of a character which WB didn't know could hold her own "franchise wise"...that's all.

UltraNova1596d ago

If only Zena the warrior princess was 20 years younger...hahaha

Who do you think fits for playing Diana?

iNcRiMiNaTi1596d ago

My pick for Diana would be Gina Carano

UltraNova1595d ago


Great choice but Diana is a lot taller isn't she? Height could give her more presence...

-Foxtrot1595d ago

I would say Gina Carano aswell, a lot of people wanted her before Gals casting

My problem is Gina is not the best actresses out there but she's on the same lines as Gal because lets face it Gal is not a very good actresses either

So if you had to choose between two poor actresses, both people who would of been which looks MORE like Diana (Gina) and one who doesn't (Gal) then you would pick Gina overall wouldn't you. Hell Gina is already is shape, imagine if she knew she had to train for the role, she would look much better then she is now.

Common sense really.

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vork771597d ago

she still dont look like wonder woman

04roacht1597d ago

She has already played Wonder Woman why does she need to bulk up again, Surely they should have shot it back to back rather than have her bulk up lose it and then bulk up again.

Abdou0231596d ago

Olivia Munn could have been perfect.

MilkMan1596d ago

WTF has she been doing all this time? LOL
I hope knew what he did when he cast this skeleton with the thick a** accent.
I barely understood her in the Fast and the Furious movies.

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