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CE: For further proof of Jake Gyllenhaal's penchant for playing tortured characters, look no further than Nightcrawler, the debut feature from screenwriter-turned-director Dan Gilroy. In it, the actor plays a lonely grifter whose indoctrination into the noir underbelly of L.A. crime journalism sends his narcissistic tendencies spiraling out of control, and it's easily his darkest and most compelling performance to date. The film itself bears some resonance as a commentary on sensationalism in the media, but what makes it truly haunting is its effectiveness as a disturbing character study. This is Gyllenhaal as you've never seen him before, and this is one highly recommended Blu-ray.

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aDDicteD1513d ago

one of the best films last year it totally deserves a high rating, too bad he was not even nominated at the oscars.